Run quietly

Run quietly

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grand River Engagement & Re-Fridgee-Eighter 8km/8mile

Do you remember when you were a child and trying to keep a secret was nearly impossible? "Secrets" explode out of my kids mouths at the first chance they get. It's almost as if the awareness of the excitement that revealing the news will cause is infectious. And they know it. Typical "children's innocence" ideology, they simply cannot be trusted with a secret! That's how I felt when GRE teammate Josh told me he was going to propose to Tanis after the Run Waterloo Re-Fridgee-Eighter 8km/8mile race. Obviously I needed to tell someone, so I told my husband. ;) And when Tanis expressed her dismay about not receiving a ring on their four year anniversary, I had to laugh to myself. And be thankful the conversation was through a text, as my face usually reveals all! I assured her the best time would be when she is least expecting it. Mwahahaha!

Initially I was hesitant to travel to Waterloo from Ajax for a race; especially one that was not a peak race. But as soon as I knew this, I simply could not miss it!

I did not change my training at all, and just swapped a workout for the race. Let's be honest here, my intention for the day had nothing to do with running a personal best, or even going all out. The kids had their first sleep over at Nonna's the night before, so my husband and I went to Moxie's after we dropped them off. At about 3km into the race I definitely regretted the glass of red wine and fries that I had snacked on the night before! It was an added weight causing me to feel heavy. Lesson learned, peak race or not, I won't be doing that again!

I chose the 8km because Josh and Tanis are both much faster than me. If I ran the 8 mile, I would have missed the proposal! The whole reason for going! After I crossed the finish line, Mike and I conspired to lure Tanis back over to the finish area so Josh could propose with a good photo back drop. The usual post race endorphins were replaced with anticipation as we all anxiously awaited Tanis to come around the corner.

It all happened so quickly! She crossed the line as first place female in the 8 miler, all the while oblivious to how her life was about to change. TOO much excitement! Mike grabbed her, led her back over to the finish area, and Josh got down on one knee. I made sure I recorded a video of the whole thing. Something I am happy to know they will have forever! My only regret is that the sound on it is basically all me laughing and cheering. The intimate words of the proposal is something they will have in memory only.

I am so happy I got to be there for such an amazing moment! These two push each other, support each other, and have big goals. Positivity, respect, mutual and individual ambitions, and always striving for better is a solid foundation these two will have to build upon. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!
It was a GRE reunion of sorts, as we had not all been together since the summer. I'm very grateful to be surrounded with such amazing people! 2016 has started off well. I'm pumped for what is in store!
My husband was not thrilled as I had already made him take 5 selfies with the glasses on. Haha.
Racing in shorts in February. No complaints.
Next up we will all be at the Chilly Half Marathon on March 6! I'm looking forward to a much cooler half marathon than my last one in Jamaica. Will I see you at the race?!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

So it Seems to Have Been a While......

Maybe it is about time for a post? Seems my last one was seven months ago! SEVEN! Oops. :p

Way too much has gone down. But a fast once over would be to say I applied on a whim to University thinking this would get me out of the rut I was in. Well, long story short, I had no idea that University was ALL theory. The program I was in anyway. To say my eyes were constantly rolling into the back of my head during the lectures is an understatement. If I am going to learn something, and dedicate that much time and MONEY$$$ to something, I hope to be learning something useful! Interesting at least? Too much to ask? How about something that is going to help me help others. "If it does not excite you, it is not the right path." I was definitely not excited about anything the program had to offer. I have kept my online Introduction to Psychology course, as it is actually interesting, and I enjoy learning about some of the concepts. 

Like most things I do, when I study, it is extreme.
I then thought, well college possibly? It is more applied, and would suit me more? Here's the thing with me. I am an introvert. I also feel I have less emotional energy on reserve than most people seem to. (Or they are just really good at hiding it!). A career as a Child and Youth worker (the program I had in mind) would most likely drain me to the point where I had nothing left for my own kids. I can barely handle 8 hours straight with my own family or friends, let alone 8 hours, 5x a week with traumatized children. I need my recharge/quiet time like I need food!
It became apparent that my perspective needed to change. I will shape my career around my lifestyle and not the other way around. I have all the things I could want! I am grateful I get to spend my days with my kids. I get to be there before and after school for my son. I have fantastic clients that I get to catch up with every time they come to get their hair done. I need to focus on what is in front of me, as I would say I have a pretty solid base to go on. :)

I knew some would judge me on my decision. But that is ok. :)

I ran my 1:25 half in September! EEK! I have wanted to see that time (or lower) for YEARS. Pregnant dreaming of the day, breastfeeding babies dreaming of the day..... and BOOM! Goal finally attained. The support of my Grand River Endurance teammates was crucial! You can train your body all you want. But if your mind is not strong and does not believe you can do it, well then you won't. I was convinced it was mine! ;) They helped me all through the season to build my mental strength and even made sure I had pre race pep talks! The best team. :) #thinkfastbefast

If I need to feel badass, I look at this picture. HA!
I knocked off another running goal in December in Negril, Jamaica! I went into the Reggae Half Marathon with the goal to win. Last year I was 3rd, and I really wanted to try and break the tape! (Something I have never done in a half marathon before!). It was HOT. Too much information, but after the race my urine was the colour of tomato juice. My kidneys were probably not too happy. I chugged back Jamaica's version of Gatorade, something I would normally NEVER touch, but the tomato juice was rather alarming! All was good though after a few hours and lots of rehydrating. Phew. That race is a must do destination race in my opinion. So much fun!
2015 was good to me. I cannot complain. Lots of personal growth and self discovery is success to me. Those are the successes that you generally cannot measure or see, but ultimately they are the most important. If 2016 had a single title or goal for me it would simply be to be abundantly happy. Happy in where I am, where I am going, and what I am capable of. If I can achieve this then my kids benefit, and my life as a whole will be fuller. More books, more learning, more miles to run, and more firsts and PB's to achieve! If my 2016 had a hashtag, no doubt it would be #relentlessforwardmotion.
I will try and post more too. I guess. ;)
And if you read all the way to the end of this narcissistic post, then thank you! You are a good person. Teehee.
What has 2016 brought to you so far?!